Summer Cash Giveaway 2017

Congratulations to all of our WSU Teams for the new season 2017 - 2018

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Travel Coaches for Fall 2017 - Spring 20180


Head Coach



WSU U8/U9 Boys

Dale Johnson

WSU U10 Boys

Alex Larr

WSU U11 Boys Elite

PJ Orlando

WSU U12 Boys Elite

Danny Russello

WSU U13 Boys Elite

Todd Frost

WSU U14 Boys Elite

Greg Davidson

WSU U14 Boys Premier

Dave Rader

WSU U15 Boys Elite

Greg Davidson

WSU U16 Boys Elite

Todd Frost

WSU U17 Boys Elite

Jeff Denny

WSU U18 Boys Elite 

Chris Wey

WSU U18 Boys Elite 

Justin Fox

WSU U8/U9 Girls

Kevin Valenti

WSU U10 Girls

Martin Cole

WSU U11 Girls Elite

Martin Cole

WSU U12 Girls Elite

Kristin Hetzel

WSU U14 Girls Premier

Jude Johansen

WSU U15 Girls Elite

Chad Medcalfe

WSU U16 Girls Elite

Chad Medcalfe

WSU U17 Girls Elite 

Lauryn Blacha

WSU U17 Girls Premier

Mark Melton


Congratulations!  2017 Indiana Cup Winners

Again Congratulations, Finalist in Regionals!

Great Job Ladies!


For the Fall Season 2017
U4 - U8

MISSION: To teach and promote youth soccer in the central Indiana area and provide a unique, modern, and premier soccer experience to the Westside of Indianapolis.

If you are having fun, you're loving it!.....for the love of the game!

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