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WSU Player Excellence:    


*24 State Championships *30 State Runner-ups *400+ College Soccer players at the Division I, II, III, and NAIA Levels *1 Regional Finalist, 4 Regional Semi-Finalist *2 US U-17 National Team Player   *3 ODP National Team Players *5 ODP Regional Team Players   *74 ODP State and Pool Players (current) *1 MLS Player *2 NCAA Division 1 National Champions


WSU Coaching Excellence:


*Westside United’s coaching staff is made up of former pro players, college players, current/former college coaches, high school coaches, and state cup winners. *Qualified licenses with USSF, NSCAA, or other International Licenses. *Specialized Goal keeping coach with high level coaching and playing experience. *Established relationships with college, ODP, and high school coaches. *Best coaching staff in Indiana.


WSU 2018-2019 Coaching Staff      
Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach
WSU U7/U8 Boys Academy Josh George Jason Hendrickson David Case
WSU U9 Boys Academy Josh George Matt Hetzel Natalie Blose
WSU U10 Boys Academy Todd Frost Ben Wachiniki "                                           "
WSU U11 Boys Fury AJ McAdams Elaine Townsend Mary McAdams
WSU U12 Boys Fury PJ Orlando Kevin Valenti  
WSU U12 Boys Magic PJ Orlando Brien Diers  
WSU U13 Boys Elite Lorenzo Aguilar Justin Fox  
WSU U13 Boys Premier Lorenzo Aguilar    
WSU U14 Boys Elite Todd Frost Alex Vassillo Eric Green
WSU U15 Boys Elite Lorenzo Aguilar Justin Fox  
WSU U15 Boys Premier Dave Rader Darrin Thomas Mark Melton
WSU U16 Boys Elite Greg Davidson Trevor Semakula  
WSU U18 Boys Elite Jeff Denny TBD  
WSU U19 Boys Elite Chris Wey Rome Smith Eddie Black
WSU U19 Boys Premier Justin Fox Patrick Palmer  
WSU U7/U8 Girls Academy Josh George Jason Hendrickson David Case
WSU U9 Girls Academy Josh George Matt Hetzel Natalie Blose
WSU U10 Girls Academy Kevin Valenti "                                   " "                                           "
WSU U11 Girls Fury Kevin Valenti    
WSU U12 Girls Fury Eric Nance    
WSU U13/U14 Girls Elite Anne Toliver Pratt Matt Hetzel  
WSU U15 Girls Elite Jude Johannsen Dan Laughlin  
WSU U16 Girls Elite Brian Warner Alex Langford  
WSU U17 Girls Elite Greg Davidson Trevor Semakula  
WSU U18 Girls Elite Mark Nirrengarten Alex Larr  
WSU U18 Girls Premier Mark Melton


Tryout Information:


*All tryouts for U7-U10 players will be at the Crossroads (John D. Case) Complex. *All tryouts for U11-U19 players will be at the Dan Jones Complex. 

*Each player is expected to bring cleats, a soccer ball, guards, and water to tryouts. *Please pre-register at  

Arrive 30 minutes prior to tryouts to check-in. *It is Westside United’s goal to make sure that we have a team for each and every player.  Players will be notified within 48 hours of the last tryout on which team they have made at Westside United. 



Age                       Group                                  Date                                     Time______

U7-U8 Boys          2011-2012                          June 5-6                               5:30-6:45pm

U9-U10 Boys        2009-2010                          June 5-6                               5:30-6:45pm

U7-U8 Girls          2011-2012                          June 5-6                               7:00-8:15pm

U9-U10 Girls        2009-2010                          June 5-6                               7:00-8:15pm

U11 Boys              2008                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U11 Girls              2008                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U12 Boys              2007                                    June 11-12                          5:45-7:15pm

U12 Girls              2007                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U13 Boys              2006                                    June 11-12                          5:45-7:15pm

U13 Girls              2006                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U14 Boys              2005                                    June 11-12                          5:45-7:15pm

U14 Girls              2005                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U15 Boys              2004                                    June 11-12                          5:45-7:15pm

U15 Girls              2004                                    June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm

U16-U19 Boys     2000-2003                          June 11-12                          4:00-5:30pm

U16-U19 Girls      2000-2003                          June 11-12                          7:30-9:00pm



*Rain out date to be on June 13.  Same times and location.   





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